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How to Convert Currency in Microsoft Excel?

Microsoft Excel may be a useful gizmo to make several sorts of data entry and extra office activities. But if you are trying to convert currency in Microsoft Excel, then you would possibly face a drag . it's because there's no in-built tool available to convert currency in Microsoft Excel. However, if you continue to want to use Microsoft Excel to convert currency, then you would like to use a further source to urge the precise rates of currency. you'll use basic simple multiplication formula to convert currency. aside from this, an external source are going to be much helpful to you to finish the task.


Add External Source in Microsoft Excel


To get the simplest and latest currency rates using external data is that the best way. you'll use an equivalent data on one currency from another currency in Microsoft Excel. The procedure of converting is simple . so as to start out converting the info , you would like to possess the proper online data in XML format to import within the spreadsheet. After getting the file open it within the Excel Spreadsheet. If you've got Office 365 or Excel 2019, then here is what you would like to do: visit@:-

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To do so, click “Transform Data.” The Excel Power Query Editor appears. Scroll to the “Item” column, and then double-click “Table” to load the up-to-date currency rates.

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