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SONOFF TX series interblock mode with timer

i m using TX2 wall switch to control home electric curtain

the problem is i can only eitheir use:

1/ interlock without a timer: that's mean if the user doesn't swith it off, it will kill the curtain motor (and cause harm and danger, it will not stop on its own the motor will still try to turn but the mechanical part will stop it causing it to overheat)

2/ the normal mode: i can use an impulse configuration to force a stop after some seconds. However, i can't prevent the user on using both buttons at a time.

as far its the second mode that i m using the only config useful with limitation/specially for kids and none attentif user, they sometime click on both button at the same time, the curtain motor can support this overhead for some second, without causing it to overheat

the best scenarios is that the interlock mode can provide a stopping timer, witch can protect from clicking on both, and prevent a continuous ON press

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hi jerry yes i have T2EU models
and i tested the interlock mode and it works fine, but no timer for it

Hi Qualid, sorry for my mistake, TX swtich surely support interlock mode but without timer function, we will evaluate your suggestions, thanks for your feedback.

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