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Creating a scene with shared device

Dear all,

I have a problem: 

  1. On my primary device I can easily create scenes based on devices that i paired with my account.
  2. I shared these devices with another account. ANother account can control these devices, but it is unable to create any scene based on these devices.
ANy idea how to bypass this limitation?

Scenes can only be created where devices are paired ultra gamers and interesting321

hello, any solution for shared scenes or create scenes from shared devices?   Whit advance plan will be posible?

Please, I also need to create scenes for shared devices. This limitation has no sense.
An alternative way to get this is using Alexa (Amazon echo) from the iPhone. Alexa can control any device (including shared devices) and Alexa can be controlled from the iPhone.

Very annoying that I can't create scenes for shared devices!! And not even stay logged in multiple devices at the same time or even pair one Sonoff device to multiple devices!!! Please find a solution!!! 

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I tried to login with my account on my wife's phone. The result- my did not work. I login with my phone, the wife's phone do not work. So it is very very bad that it is not possible to share full rights on using. In this case, i am looking for TUYA devices.

Maybe is correct not to give all right to another user, because the scenes that make another user may be in conflict with owner user, but i kindly ask you to make the possibility to give the possibility to use the scenes made by owner (master) user.  Thank you in advance !!!

Exactly, why are this limitation there? uberlame!

Any chance that scenes can use shared devices or multiple phones can be logged in one account?

If this option was in the advanced plan, I would be willing to pay for it, I considered the option of setting up via ITFFF, but I don't want to pay 10 dollars irrevocably for trying it. Why isn't it possible to try the advanced plan for free for a limited time?

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