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Creating a scene with shared device

Dear all,

I have a problem: 

  1. On my primary device I can easily create scenes based on devices that i paired with my account.
  2. I shared these devices with another account. ANother account can control these devices, but it is unable to create any scene based on these devices.
ANy idea how to bypass this limitation?

Scenes can only be created where devices are paired. Unable to create a scene on the shared device.

Scenes can only be created where devices are paired. Unable to create a scene on the shared device.

Jaroslav, thank you for your answer. Is it possible to have the same device paired with two different accounts at the same time?

One device only one account.

Is there any other option to control Sonoff device through Siri on iOs on the device that is not paired with sonoff device?

If the Sonoff is shared with another user who must also have an Ewelink account registered, the Sonoff can be controlled but scenes cannot be created.

Hello the Sonoff Team, 

it could be great to have the possibilty to create a scene with sharing sonoff device

example : i can tell Siri to open the light outside, but my wife has to open her sonoff app on her phone to do the same , there is not security less, an update would suffice ? Thanks a lot.

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I couldn’t agree more Stephane. I am in the exact same situation where I can use Siri but my wife can not.

I also need to allow may shared device to be controlled by my wife via Siri. But this is not possible at the moment. I honestly don't understand the reason for this limitation. It could be very useful to give the same control options to shared devices.

Scene’s are not really a feature unless they can be used on the shared accounts. Poor programming that this is not possible. This could be solved by allowing multiple devices to be logged in on the one account.

As per my experience logging in the same account from a second device disconnect the first device so it is quite annoying to log in every time you need to use the app.

That is ridiculous, of course a shared device should be able to have scenes or at least let the device owner share his scenes

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