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How do I configure Bellsouth email account?

I want to set up Bellsouth email account for my official tasks. Bellsouth email service is one of the most popular emailing applications, which is mainly used by countless users. This email service has many unique and advanced features, so millions of users use it for many purposes. To login into this email account, users need to make the right Bellsouth email settings. It is also true the right setting is very necessary to create the account. I don’t have full knowledge on how to configure Bellsouth email settings? So anyone can suggest the ways to configure the Bellsouth email account successfully.

While setting up your BellSouth email account, make sure to note down the server details or settings whatever you can say. How you do is open your Outlook account, from the “File,” add a Bellsouth email account by mentioning all the details required for email setup. If any help is needed regarding BellSouth email settings, you can get in touch with our professional member. 

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