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Sonoff mini stop recognize wall switch and auto power off fan

I installed 2 sonoff mini with last firmware 3.6.0, first one was to control ceiling light, and second one is to controll ceiling fan on or off.. I made choice to use sonoff mini instead ifan03 because just control on / off is e ought to me and also, I would like to preserve standard wall switch.. It was 3 way installation, both for light and fan control. Both 2 sonoff was installed in ceiling. Problems: Light works perfectly including with external wall switches Fan was problem, when I power on, light some time power on together or some time after and then power off.. Like interference.. Ceiling fan power on, but few moments after about 20 seconds, it turn off by itself. Then I try power on, it turn off again about 10 seconds. Each time power off shorter.. Not its just turn on 1 seconds and then turn off again.. Both 2 wall switch (3 way) stopped working too.. I am only able to control using app.. Then changed for new one sonoff mini, exactly same thing happened.. Stopped wall switches and it turn off fan 1 second later I power it on.. I don't think that is current power problem. Ceiling fan is just 130 watts.. Sonoff can take 10 ampers.. Wall switch stop working, I think that something burned in PCB, I suspect that is this item in circle mark because I tested with multimeter and I see that there is no contact between both edges. Somebody could indicate solution for that problem?
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