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Share Point paves the way for enhanced Microsoft 365 experience

SharePoint is known for providing a centralized, password protected space for sharing documents among groups. With the use of SharePoint, teams can easily collaborate and streamline workflow so that employees can make an effective communication and prove to be an asset for the growth of the company.

Microsoft SharePoint has enabled digital transformation for organizations and e-commerce businesses.

Recently, Microsoft has made certain innovations in respect to SharePoint, which are listed below:

· The intelligent intranet service for SharePoint home sites.

· Improvements in Yammer to increase employee communications.

· Improved technologies for file sharing.

· An improved Microsoft 365 in the field of performance, innovation, and intelligence.

Creative thinkers know that an intelligent intranet influencesemployee’s capabilities and cultural transformation. The intelligent intranet provides opportunities for employees to work collaboratively, connect with people easily, and to work collectively as a team. Along with this, it harnesses their engagement and communication with each other. |

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