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Sonoff Zigbee Bridge and its devices

Just gotten Sonoff zigbee and its temperature, remote switch, window/door sensor and motion sensor.

Had a few try to get all connected but someone things are lacking on apps per se.

1) Devices do not show connectivity with the sonoff zigbee bridge.

2) On the apps, its does not show the devices battery level as claim.

3) All devices can be detected by both Alexa and Google home except motion sensor.

4) I  had to reset the window/ door sensors ac couple of time . It didn't show battery level low, connectivity issues etc. I had to literally remove the battery and slot it back push the reset button etc. Done twice within a week....

I’m extremely disappointed with Sonoff's zigbee kit. a) constantly when a switch is triggered the message 'no response' appears and both the Sonoff zigbee hub, as well as its child devices are inactive; b) daily zigbee sub devices lose their names and return to their original names ‘device00xxxx’. When this happens, Alexa fails to recognize voice commands. c) the Sonoff zigbee hub does not maintain the state of the devices, and for example a device that does not even exist is listed as online by the hub

For me the door sensor SNZB-04 appears offline after a while in the ewelink app. It goes back online when you open or close the door.

 I brought the zbridge closer, switch to hotspot mode, there is nothing to do.

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