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Sonoff Zigbee Bridge and its devices

Just gotten Sonoff zigbee and its temperature, remote switch, window/door sensor and motion sensor.

Had a few try to get all connected but someone things are lacking on apps per se.

1) Devices do not show connectivity with the sonoff zigbee bridge.

2) On the apps, its does not show the devices battery level as claim.

3) All devices can be detected by both Alexa and Google home except motion sensor.

4) I  had to reset the window/ door sensors ac couple of time . It didn't show battery level low, connectivity issues etc. I had to literally remove the battery and slot it back push the reset button etc. Done twice within a week....

I’m extremely disappointed with Sonoff's zigbee kit. a) constantly when a switch is triggered the message 'no response' appears and both the Sonoff zigbee hub, as well as its child devices are inactive; b) daily zigbee sub devices lose their names and return to their original names ‘device00xxxx’. When this happens, Alexa fails to recognize voice commands. c) the Sonoff zigbee hub does not maintain the state of the devices, and for example a device that does not even exist is listed as online by the hub

For me the door sensor SNZB-04 appears offline after a while in the ewelink app. It goes back online when you open or close the door.

 I brought the zbridge closer, switch to hotspot mode, there is nothing to do.

I'm not sure if my zigbee bridge sleeps or turns off, sometimes when my automations dont work I check the app to see it not on my ewelink home page . Give a few seconds, I see it connecting again so it missed its trigger. anyone here having the same issue. I might have put alot of conditions that it 'might' crash?

I need to know il the Heiman HS1SA-E work with sonoff zigbee hub

Attach your jumpers from the Zigbee bridge to the USB TTL (Amazon) or CH340G or (Aliexpress) as follows;

ETX to RX   (Note the RX to TX and TX to RX)


3V3 to 3V3


IO0(GPIO Zero) to GND

Example USB TTL

Plug in the USB TTL to your computer and open Tasmotizer.  In the odd case of your antivirus notifying you, it's a false positive.  Choose your com port for the USB TTL flasher.  Select the Release radio button and choose tasmota-zbbridge.bin as shown below.

Press Tasmotize! and it should start the flashing process.  If not check your connections and COM port and try again.  

Once the flashing is complete, unplug the USB TTL flasher, remove the wires from the Zigbee bridge, and power it back up via the normal USB power connector.  You can also put it back in the case if needed. 

Using your phone or computer, scan for available access points and look for a Tasmota-xxxx WiFi access point.

I just received my zigbee temp sensors. I set them up. It works fine but I just recognised that the mobile app shows the status of the temp sensors not up to date. It shows "online" however it lost the connection long time ago. I tried it with removed battery and an RF shielded metal box, the mobile app still shows online status after few hours. This is very annoying because I cannot decide weather the temp data shown in the app is real or it shows data from the past.
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