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Sonoff Si7021 Sensor embedded heater

Dear sirs! I'm in process of selecting humidity monitoring solution. The main contender is TH10 + Sonoff Si7021 Sensor. However, before placing orders I want to know some detail of sensor inner working.

Accordingly to SliliconLabs Si7021 sensor datasheet: "If the Si70xx is used at the dew point and condensation occurs on the sensor, the on-chip heater can be activated to dry the sensor and restore operation once the sensor is above the dew point.

The Sonoff Si7021 sensor planned to be used in place where RHS can be over 80% by times and the problem with dew point and condensation will definitely in place.

So there is my question: do the Sonoff system consisting of TH10+Si7021 uses internal heater to make sensor reading correct after RHS becomes greater than 80%?

Thank you.

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