Start a new topic is a powe US Smart Light Switch is a power socket that can be connected to the Internet. It allows users to turn on or off the power of the wall socket with a mobile phone, and can use it to control various plug-in devices.


In other words, whether you are at home or not, you can connect to this socket through mobile devices such as mobile phones to control the lights or other household appliances connected to the socket.


US Smart Light Switch as a small device can be plugged into the wall, in addition to providing a three-plug port, it also provides two USB ports. The device can be connected to the home network and controlled by mobile devices.


First, the device will learn the user's two-week home appliance usage habits, so as to formulate a reasonable on/off cycle according to the law. In addition, US Remote Outlet it can be remotely controlled to turn off the power switch through the application when outdoors. According to the video description can Help save 50% of household electricity.

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