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IFTTT change

Sonoff makes and sells hardware which requires an app to function. There is an implied promise that the app will continue to be available on the same basis as when the hardware was purchased. You have taken away IFTTT functionality unless we pay a subscription, a complete 180 degree change from when I bought my hardware. This is wrong and shows a complete disregard for your existing customers. A purely software app can decide to monetize by adding premium features or charging for a new update (leaving the existing functionality for customers who choose not to upgrade). A company that sells hardware has been paid for the hardware. If the hardware was sold with x functionality and the customer paid for it how can you then ask them to pay for the SAME functionality AGAIN?! If you want to add NEW features and charge a subscription fee for those features that is legitimate. But you should not change the boundaries of the deal after the purchase is made. Does a car manufacturer wait until a year after the purchase and then make a change to the onboard computer and say that customers must begin paying on a monthly basis if they want to go faster than 50kph?! Does a cell phone manufacturer sell me a phone and then tell me a year later that I must pay the manufacturer a monthly fee if I want to make phone calls?! This recent change is bait and switch. Sonoff should re-enable IFTTT functionality. To do anything else is unethical.
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Totally agree !!!!  This doesn't seem fair at all..To remove functionality after purchase is "BAIT and SWITCH". I thought Sonoff was a reputable company... Now i must wonder!

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