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Need help controlling several wall sconces wirelessly

We purchased six integrated LED (no separate bulb) wall sconces for our HT. I will be hard wiring them above six wall plugs by fishing up wires inside wall from plugs that are already there below. Sconces don't have on/off switch so they will be on all the time. I need your advise as to how to control them using your devices and an android app based system. I want all six to come on/off and dim (if possible) by the press of a button on my cell phone. Also, I will need one physical, wireless on/off switch (with or without dimmer) on the wall to control all six. What adapters/gadgets will I need for this purpose? Obviously, I want to avoid calling a pro to hard wire everything to a traditional dimmer switch. There is no crown molding in the room since it has cathedral ceiling and don't want to rip off baseboards to cut studs behind it to run wires. Hence, I am here, please help!

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