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Swicth on/off

When Will create a scene you could have a option to interchange the state of device, if device is on change to off or if off to on. Today you can choose only to stay on or off.

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That will be very useful.

 One use case could be when you want to control devices over RF trough the RF Bridge, without that function you are suggesitng you en using 2 buttons and 2 alarm entries. By having that feature it will work very similar to all other RF native devices where you turn the device on / off by using the same button,

I need help with my pool automation valve that has input of 24v. My house load is 110v . I have purchased a sonoff low voltage relay that I need to know how to connect so when I use voice(google) it will open valve that is preset to spa on and when I use voice (google) it will turn back to normal control for pool. The sonoff has 5v-32v) input. Please help me find the proper way to install. Thank for your help.
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