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DW2 several Problems

Just received 3 units of DW2 and configured them.

- The first one is short circuited on the battery, it pairs, but the magnet does not work and the battery gets hot. Trying to convince the Sonooff oficial store on Aliexpress that this is not normal. It is a shame, the person that is answering my messages does not know what a short is. I'll have to open a dispute on Aliexpress since the person is stalling me.

- The second one is disconnecting from the app at some periods and for no particular reason reconnects again. Already changed position with the second unit (considering weak signal) but the problem remains.

- The third one seams to work fine for now.

- Tha two that as working do not show more than 2 days of logs and it do not report all logs. Since it is a security device, the minimum is that it is reliable when it opens and closes.  

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I am having problems pairing the DW2 device to my Wi-Fi router (although I have >30 other Sonoff devices that are working OK).

Which Wi-FI Router have you successfully connected them to?

I have 5 units and after nearly a whole day of troubleshooting I have found:

- The wifi AP needs to support 11 B 2.4g (legacy). I could NOT get Unifi AP, TP-Link C9 & D-Link Routers to work. I did have success with 2 different Netcomm routers.

- Only wifi channel 6 seemed to work.

When connecting multiple DW2 devices, I found I could configure only 2 devices, then I could not pair anymore. Found out that once you pair a DW2 device, power it down (ie. remove batteries), then continue to pair the next DW2 deivce, remove it's batteries and continue until all of them have been paired.

Once pairing is complete, you insert all the batteries in the DW2 units and they all come up working.

Hello, I have same problem. Olá Marco, tenho o mesmo problema. Conseguiste arranjar uma solução ? Obrigado.

Hi Felipe. The shorted one the Aliexpress Sonoff store agreed to send me a new one once I break and send them a photo. The second one is still disconnecting. I changed its position to see if it solves the problem.
About the log, no solution yet. But the itead Site shows 90 days.

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