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DW2 several Problems

Just received 3 units of DW2 and configured them.

- The first one is short circuited on the battery, it pairs, but the magnet does not work and the battery gets hot. Trying to convince the Sonooff oficial store on Aliexpress that this is not normal. It is a shame, the person that is answering my messages does not know what a short is. I'll have to open a dispute on Aliexpress since the person is stalling me.

- The second one is disconnecting from the app at some periods and for no particular reason reconnects again. Already changed position with the second unit (considering weak signal) but the problem remains.

- The third one seams to work fine for now.

- Tha two that as working do not show more than 2 days of logs and it do not report all logs. Since it is a security device, the minimum is that it is reliable when it opens and closes.  

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@Bassem Wahib

Back online here again doing anything, it is clear that they have had problems with their servers.

Working perfectly this morning !!

My 2 DW2 devices gone offline after the last firmware update.   All other devices are Ok on ewelink.   Only DW2 can´t connect to server.   

Here offline again
This moment workimg 7 DW2’s good, but for howlong?
Offline again !!
Hi I also have problems with DW2 wifi. Even is in my application does not detect the real state of the sensor. It s very slow and sometimes doesn’t detect when the sensor is open or close. Could somebody help me Thanks

same problem...


after restart wireless access point, online again...

after a while, offline again...

again... and again...

bought 4 units, they went offline at the same time, they went back online at the same time...

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Dear friends,

I have the same problem with one of my sensors, so the sensor is draining the battery in 2-3 hours and disconnecting. I build my sensors with Arduino or ESP8266, and I resolve to check the circuit and the issue. Thinking only the bad, I grab my multimeter and a pocket oscilloscope to check where the problem is. The only thing I found was the magnetic-switch (Reed Switch) sensor triggering the system every 300-500 milliseconds. 

Dang, all the tests for this? Why don't we do the simple things first? 

Well, let's start simple this time. 

I did a simple test, I let the sensor unassembled with the Magnetic-sensor opened, and fortunately, the issue doesn't happen (Working for the last 12 hours). :D

In my opinion, the problem is the magnetic-switch that is soldered too far from the plastic wall, and the distance triggers the system to an infinite loop 'till the complete battery drain and ending to disconnect the sensor.

That behaviour explains the LOG changing (image attach). The Magnetic-switch is not working as it should, and to check if the problem is the same, select the problematic device, look in the Logs menu at the device settings session. (image attach)

To resolve, I'll try to move the magnetic-sensor near the plastic wall, and I'll desolder the magnetic sensor and solder again a little closer, which gives me 1-2mm at least. If nothing works, I'll do the last test and find a different magnetic-switch and replace it.

I hope this information helps somebody.

Best Regards.

(4.17 MB)

I forgot the LOG.

Happy new year people.

(234 KB)
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