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DW2 several Problems

Just received 3 units of DW2 and configured them.

- The first one is short circuited on the battery, it pairs, but the magnet does not work and the battery gets hot. Trying to convince the Sonooff oficial store on Aliexpress that this is not normal. It is a shame, the person that is answering my messages does not know what a short is. I'll have to open a dispute on Aliexpress since the person is stalling me.

- The second one is disconnecting from the app at some periods and for no particular reason reconnects again. Already changed position with the second unit (considering weak signal) but the problem remains.

- The third one seams to work fine for now.

- Tha two that as working do not show more than 2 days of logs and it do not report all logs. Since it is a security device, the minimum is that it is reliable when it opens and closes.  

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Wait a week or so until they simply stop responding, or take HOURS to reflect a door open/close. Im sorry to say, but every DW2 I purchased, was wasted money.

I have been facing a similar problem like yours now it's fixed I have used this website 


I hope your problem is fixed 


losing my money buying 4 DW2, ad AA batteries lasts a maximum of 12 days. this becomes totally unviable. horrible device

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I have the same problem. DW2 sensor cannot connect to router tp-link ac1200. always unsuccessful. but when I connect with hotsport mobile phone no problem. does my router not support DW2 sensor. anyone can help.

I'm having the same issue about opened/closed status... It's taking too many time to update the open/close status.  I bought one to test in my security system.
I have another sensor from Tuya that is working fine and without to configure the AP to 802.11b. It's running on other WiFi patterns!
In this case, Tuya/Smart Life is winning... 

Not had to configure my WiFi as it's runs b,g,n anyway. It always connected to WiFi, just wouldn't sync with servers. I could ping server and see the landing web page with Chrome browser, but DW2 had problems with it. Now ok.
DW2 not working,, I have 7 pieces,but not one is working, Mistake

I have a new problem my DW2 worked perfectly for 24 hours after firmware upgrade but now its always offline 
I have unpaired and paired it on 3 different routers with 802.11b only but no success 

I can see the device taking an IP address from the DHCP server table but its always offline on ewelink app 
Any bright ideas???

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both my dw2 has been offline since 2am .

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@Bassem Wahib Same here, dw2 connect to my wifi but stay offline on ewelink. I cant see on my dhcp table and with stable wifi Signal 60 db. Some days ago It works with some retard but works. Today nothing. I think there is a issue with itead firewall

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@Bassem Wahib Same here, connected to wifi (i can see connected on my wifi console with good signal 60db) but offline on ewelink app. I think itead has issues with his firewalls, maybe blocking wrong macs by mistake...

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Since last firmware update, my dw2 remains offline I have paired it again but it remains offline What can I do ? Thanks in advance

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I have test the tuya doorsensor . Works verrywell no problems 100% OKÉ!!! Now i am thanking to switch to Tuya!!

I left the batteries inside and today its back online and working perfectly.
@Txetxu you were right they maybe blocked DW2 macs by mistake

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