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IFTTT as a paid option is a very bad and unfair idea

My ewelink ifttt stop working these days, certainly due to ewelink bad idea to make ifttt acess a paid option.

This is a really bad news and a bad move from sonoff / ewelink to make ifttt service as a premium paid service !

I had maybe 5 or 6 ewelink / sonoff items, bought because of the google home / Alexa and ifttt compatibility.

Making the ifttt acess a paid option is quite unfair and a bad idea. In some months / year ewelink can also make  ewelink / sonoff server access a paid service, google home / Alexa too. So maybe you bought today an item that can be unusable tomorrow for free !!

This is a really bad things.

ifttt is a plus like the google / alexa service making ewelink product interesting and maybe better than some other brand, but restricting this acess to an annual paid option is a very very bad idea.

I will not paid 10$ every year to use  some few ifttt receipes and maybe not every months.

I'm really quit disapointed with this ewelink decision and personaly next time i will bought some domotic stuff or recommand to someone, i will think twice before buying / recommanding ewelink / sonoff.


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To all those complaining here about IFTTT - Go and yell at FTTT, not Itead. IFTTT made the decision alone - they still charge the hardware companies to integrate, but have got greedy and want to charge the user as well.  

IFTTTitself  costs 10 USD monthly. It is exterme (more then for example netflix), currently I have no idea how to orchestrate sonoff, netatmo, ewelink, wiz , google,...

It is a hard warning for provders of smart platform devices. It is no more acceptable to connect services to only one platform like IFTTT

And it is a warning for users:  Do not use cloud platforms, these are nice but you never know when a cloud company need to improve its budget and ask for money.   

Same here. I designed my entire house FOR sonoff. I have all light spot controlled by sonoff, counting more than 40 devices. And now (suddenly) they make it worst.
I hope they can bring back IFTTT for those who use it free. I use sonoff products for basic purposes so it doesn't bug me. I use KNX devices for a complete subscription free solution.

Several companies are rushing into the lucrative subscription space which pushes consumers with an eye toward using best of breed technologies faced with an affordable expense for home automation.  Besides Sonoff, IFTTT is now limiting the number of custom routines you can create without paying leaving a collection of useless routines.  If this continues, all that will be left is the big 2 - Amazon and Google forcing consumers to choose  between things that blow up and products that once worked together are now broken.  Are these the companies that are leading innovation?  Is this really the future we want? 

for example i want  my pool pump (wired to TH16) to turn on when the temp drops below 35 degrees.  I can do this using Weather Underground in IFTTT without having my own temp sensor but I hit the custom limit and can't do it.  Also I want to be able to override my regular schedule if the temp stays below my limit, 

@Brent Hartney

I have a pool filter pump with heating pipes on my garden shed.

I've programmed IFTTT with weatherunderground so that when the outside temperature was above 22°C the pump should start to run. And below 21°C it should automatically shut down.

I also have a Bosch Indego lawn robot mower with IFTTT function. For example I could stop the mower, if the garden door is opened (sonoff dw2 door sensor).

Hi Brent please contact me at need to do some event trigering on alarm conditions. will also be using LoRa device's
Hi guys. What do you need IFTTT for? Maybe I can help you realize the control you want without having to use IFTTT?

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really bad move.. and very greedy...

I've just dumped all my devices in the trash!

I'm even not interested to sell those and make somebody unhappy!

Honestly, I went on a search for replacement devices, my network is over burdened with all the sonoff devices. I came across great new options, I haven't looked to see how easy they would be to flash though. My new favs are the little socket blocks, that give ya 2 controllable sockets from the 1 it is plugged into; so 1 connection for 2 devices, so far I've cut out 4 individual sonoffs. I'm buying another round, and I've noticed my alexa is responding faster now too.

   I've also removed the app from my mobile, leaving only one on a tablet.. I've know for awhile that it caches HUGE amounts of data.. it's largest was about 300mb but on avg its runs 230mb; and I firewalled every connection except for the 2 required for it to operate the switches with a no-root firewall.

So they must not be making much with what data they steal, or they are just getting greedy and figuring they can charge us in addition to charging others for our personal data..

I am angry too :(

Till I switch to Tasmota, where I have to flash the firmware first, I try to use Tasker (with AutoVoice or something) and Google Home to get back automation working. But I have not found a way yet, still searching...

Anybody knows a hint with ewelink and Google Home via Tasker and a Plugin?

Bad move guys.. I agree with Luca and all the rest that have posted comments. I also used the devices and recommended them to others but definite will not do this and looking for other solutions... 

Would be interesting to see if they care or that they just let you swim until you purchase the package from them!! 

I partially agree with the comments. Itead can do what they want but from a marketing perspective I would have changed the policy only for the new customers. Changing the contract on the road is something that customer do not like. Anyhow, I have paid at least for this year because I need IFTTT with the RF Bridge and I do not know of any non-SonOff products that can give me the same functionalities or of any applications that support the SonOff apart from eWeLink.

I recently had the same issue with another IoT vendor that suddenly stopped any IFTTT support, but there is a free application that perfectly reads and configures those products and has a free IFTTT integration. If something like that existed also for SonOff products, that would be great.

So all of you who did not pay, how did you solve your problems? Because without IFTTT, many things cannot be done...

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Just purchased sonoff th16 and wasn't able to pair with my regular smart home app so rather than be disappointed I went to my app I use to bridge diff systems Ifttt but to my shock ewelink wanted to charge me to use there app / device with Ifttt which in it's own right is well known as a free to use service with premium features available but not anything to prevent free use so for ewelink to do the opposite has made my next purchase decision for me. I won't be buying Sonoff again unless they allow free usage with Ifttt. I realise ewelink is free to use with Google and the likes but what those apps are capable of are not what I wanted to be able to do. Anyway I really think whoever made that decision for ewelink should be fired. Anyway I will say the Sonoff device is great but it's shot itself in the foot with this Ifttt issue.
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