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IFTTT as a paid option is a very bad and unfair idea

My ewelink ifttt stop working these days, certainly due to ewelink bad idea to make ifttt acess a paid option.

This is a really bad news and a bad move from sonoff / ewelink to make ifttt service as a premium paid service !

I had maybe 5 or 6 ewelink / sonoff items, bought because of the google home / Alexa and ifttt compatibility.

Making the ifttt acess a paid option is quite unfair and a bad idea. In some months / year ewelink can also make  ewelink / sonoff server access a paid service, google home / Alexa too. So maybe you bought today an item that can be unusable tomorrow for free !!

This is a really bad things.

ifttt is a plus like the google / alexa service making ewelink product interesting and maybe better than some other brand, but restricting this acess to an annual paid option is a very very bad idea.

I will not paid 10$ every year to use  some few ifttt receipes and maybe not every months.

I'm really quit disapointed with this ewelink decision and personaly next time i will bought some domotic stuff or recommand to someone, i will think twice before buying / recommanding ewelink / sonoff.


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Very disappointed also. Itead should carry the small cost of Ifttt if they wish to keep customers and attract others. I for one will cease to but product based on this decission to implement a subscription charging model. I hate the idea of subscription. If you must charge, buld it into the product purchase price. Think it through and reconsider guys - customers will migrate to those suppliers who don't charge.

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Me too.

Bye bye ewelink/sonoff 

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I have more than 15 Sonoff, which I started to buy e years ago, working some of them with ifttt, now Ikm very disappointed  with option to pay, I will not buy any other Sonoff I will look for apple home kit devices, safer and you know the cost from the beginning without surprised.

Itead should provide this services or they will lose their clients 

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In Australia Sonoff devices such as the S26 and even the Sonoff basic have dramatically increased in price of recent times. Grid connect plug in switches from Bunnings are functionally equivalent at about $17 each (Sonoff S26 are about $25). There are plenty of others under $20 ‐ all with SAA approval - something which Itead continues not to ignor.

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You dont need the IFTTT to connect Alexa with ewelink, but for me the IFTTT is the problem, you cannot do more than one thing in one action, Alexa have routines and this is so mich better than IFTTT.

 Who is talking to connect Alexa ???

IFTTT is more than usefull in many situations as with domoticz  and other domotic solutions or for webhooks. Depending how you use your ewelink/Sonoff devices  this can be a real problem.

There is a Ewelink Skill to work with Alexa, well for my case I can control all lamps, window curtains, vacuum cleaners, tv and air conditioner... without IFTTT... I like the webhooks but I'm using the IFTTT only to send events at Adfruit IO to control some UBNT MFI devices.


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No more ewelink devices, i can trust now in itead. The only way to repair that is make better the app with webhook integration and make a plugin to Tasker/Macrodroid. Add too "wait before next action" in the app scenes.

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So glad i just saw this post.

i do some security system integration and was planning on using SONOFF bridges and rf433 equipment purely due to the IFTTT functionality.

was going to place a order for 500 devices and will now use arduino or raspberry zero devices as interfaces.

bad move for a hardware company to do this.

greed is what destroys a company 

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I can no longer use my Sonoff 4 button RF remote via my Sonoff RF bridge to trigger scenes which are controlling Sonoff Wi-Fi relays. Is this because you removed the IFTTT functionality? How can you take away the functionality between your own devices? The hardware I bought isn't actually mine? Or becomes useless as you please? Please either get my Remote buttons working again or upgrade me to premium for free and for life.

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 I won't be supporting iTead or opposing any us actions against Chinese crooks. Turned a blind away from the amount of data ewelink and other itead apps take..then to turn around and charge me for a service 'ifttt', that I'm already paying for! That's a 'richard' move, considering beyond the few lines of code, itead carries absolutely no burden of providing IFTTT functions!

I hope the bozo in the White House throws itead/sonoff out of the US...

If someone else doesn't get a Class Action started soon I will look into it!

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I have several iTead devices' I wont buy any more or recommend them if I have to pay any type of subscription Ughh

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I WAS a big fan of Sonofjproducts. I have several sonoff /ifttt integrations. From what I can tell all this will do is push people towards Google and Amazon products. As long as you have to pay you may as well get direct support even if you have to pay more for it to get ot of box dumbed down functionality

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