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IFTTT Aplets will not connect

I have been using IFTTT to trigger a Sonoff switch every day for several months. Tonight I want to connect an aplet that has been disconnected, but every attempt fails. If I try to create a new aplet, when I get to the Then step, the boxes for device and action stay permanently at "loading" then a message appears "Could not validate configuration. Please try later". The Sonoff still responds to the eWelink directly, it's the link to IFTTT that no longer works. How can this be fixed?

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They want us to pay now for this link ifttt! Shame on them! They trying to suck money ..

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My ewelink ifttt stop working these days, certainly due to ewelink bad idea to make ifttt acess a paid option.

This is a really bad news and a bad move from sonoff / ewelink to make ifttt service as a premium paid service !

Personaly ext time i will bought some domotic stuff or recommand to someone, i will think twice before buying / recommanding ewelink / sonoff.



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