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Unable to add new share for sonoff basic device


we have the Sonoff Basic R2 device, used for gate opening, shared to 50+ users. With older eWelink application (with older interface), all worked correctly.

After updating to the eWelink  v4.0+ version, we are unable to share device for additional users.

When we click the Share option, enter the user's e-mail and click Save, user gets the notification immediately with a notification message that someone has shared the device. When the user clicks on that notification, it is opening and showing the name of the shared device. When he clicks on that device, nothing happens - device is not added to the device list.

The firmware version for the Sonoff device is 3.4.1 (latest for now).

Have any of you experienced such a problem?

Thank you

1 person has this problem

I have the same problem :(

Have you found a solution to the above problem?

Current Version 3.5.0


I've resolved this issue by buying their eWeLink Advanced Plan for $9.90 - annual price.

In this plan, you have the possibility to create up to 100 shares. In the free plan, you can create up to 20 shares.

You can learn more about available pricing plans in the eWeLink Android application when you click to the Profile option at the bottom of the screen, or on their website:

I hope that this will be helpful to you.


You'll have to upgrade your application to the v4 first. The older version was not functional for me. U had to upgrade the app and order the Advanced plan for $9.90/year

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