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My RF Bridge and scenes going haywire, I think I have narrowed into the problem. It's in scenes involving 433MHz devices. Whenever you add 433MHz sensors as a a trigger in scenes, the RF Bridge sees all sensors paired to it as just one device. Any of the sensors paired with it will act as trigger to a scene involving a 433 MHz sensor. For example I have four door sensors and a PIR sensor, all paired with the RF Bridge. I made a scene where when the front door is opened, the living room light (Sonoff Basic) turns on. It's the only scene I made involving a door sensor. Now now whenever the other door sensors in my kitchen, backyard and porch are opened or motion is detected by the PIR sensor in my garage they also trigger the scene that turns on the living room light. I also have a 433MHz 4 button remote paired to a security siren and the RF Bridge. Whenever a button is pressed in the remote, it triggers the door sensor scene. Now the question is, how to resolve this?
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