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WhatsApp Group video Call

WhatsApp now deploys video calls to up to eight people

The WhatsApp group video calls  can now support up to eight people.

The feature is live in an update on the iOS App Store and would be imminent for Android. It is not yet online on the Google Play Store, but was set to update on the website of WhatsApp .

After previous rumors, the new update was confirmed by Mark Zuckerberg in a Facebook post this weekend. The Google Duo app can support 12 people while Apple's FaceTime can manage 32 people . And, of course, several other video calling apps are available.

We have all the details on how to make a group call on the link below, but you can basically initiate a group call directly from a group conversation, add people to an existing call, or use the Calls tab for search for people.

How to make a WhatsApp group video call

If you are trying to call from a group conversation and there are more than seven other people, you will need to choose who you want in your call. As with all WhatsApp communications, calls will be encrypted from start to finish.

WhatsApp recently announced that it has two billion users and has successfully countered the spread of fake news on the platform by restricting messages sent

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Can I do it with my Whatsapp GB?

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Can I make Group Video calls on GB Whatsapp?

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