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iPad in Lanscape mode....

 Frustrated is not the word !!

Trying to set-up eWeLink on an uPad that is FIXED to the counter as a POS terminal, so it is in Landscape mode.

I have got downloaded, and it runs, but can't get past the first hurdle of Reading and accepting the terms of service, or agreement, because the buttons aren't showing, and the screen does not scroll to get to them.

I also want to use a Lock Pattern, but that is totally useless in landscape ....

eWeLink needs to sort this out ....

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Please make ewelink ipad COMPATIBLE

It is not as of 2020-11-07 compatible with iPad

IPad is a tablet made by Apple ... i case you are not aware of the existance of tablets.

A tablet is a device .... blablabla ... common guys at ITEAD.

We are in 2020

An app that is unable to adjust from portrait to landscape is unacceptable.

People are not alwas using their phone. I am not!!

Please have eWeLink rotate to lansdcape when the tablet is in landscape

thank you

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