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RF Bridge

Does anyone know how to erase all the saved devices in the RF Bridge. New version. I can't work out how to factory reset it. I have deleted all but 2 devices. An old Pir was saved, but now deleted. But when the pir is triggered, then red led flashes on the bridge, implying its still saved in its memory.
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When it comes to the smart homes, the smart switch is the better popular member of this field. With smart switches, you can remold an existing ordinary house into a smart house immediately. Your home can be managed through a mobile smartphone to give you the possibility to access more features of home appliances, such as remotely turn on/off, scheduled on/off, make one device to trigger other devices, etc.

APP control is a basic but not the best convenient way to activate your dumb home appliances in your smart home. Yes, it may occur to you that the alternative helper – remote controller, will be a better choice, no longer worrying that no Wi-Fi network passes, or your smartphone is out of power.

Well, if your house is gradually overwhelmed by a lot of SONOFF smart devices, maybe you have ever been in such situation that it’s pretty easy to get confused about the pairing and clearing of 433MHz remote controller and SONOFF RF-controlled devices, conditions such as RF pairing is based on “Beep sounds” or “LED indicator status”? What does A “Beep” sound mean during pairing with RM433? What does TWO “Beep” sound mean during pairing with RM433? What’s the LED indicator status after the SONOFF device is paired with RM433 successfully?

Don’t worry, this article will give you a detailed instruction about pairing and clearing for the RM433 remote controller. SONOFF devices will be classified according to the beep sound or LED indicator status.

Tip: SONOFF devices supporting RF control listed below: RFR2, RFR3, 4CHPROR2, 4CHPROR3 (coming soon), SlampherR2, T1, T2, T3, iFan03, D1, and RF Bridge.

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