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Sonoff PIR, T1 Switch turn off after x minutes. Leave on indefinitely with manual control

I want to automate my Sonoff T1 light switches to turn on for x amount of time when a Sonoff PIR sensor detects motion. I paired a PIR directly to a T1 and it turns on when motion is detected but turns off when motion is detected the next time. Do I need to use a Sonoff Bridge to trigger a scene which will start a timer when it receives a signal from the PIR? The scene functionality could do with some extra logic to make them more useful. Basically, while motion is being detected, I never want the light to turn off. I want the light to turn on for say 10 minutes. If the the timer counts down to 5 minutes, if the sensor detects motion again, I want the timer to be reset back to 10 minutes. Also, if someone turns the light on manually I want the light to stay on indefinitely. So far I’ve tried to set up a scene in the Ewelink app and set inching on the T1 light switch but after motion is detected, the light comes on, the timer counts down and turns off the switch no matter how many times motion is detected and never resets the timer until the light has turned off.

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This is exactly what I want to do also. Except I have the sonoff minis..
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