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Temperature cannot be edited on new Ewell Link iPhone App

The new app does not allow you to set the temperature on /off ranges.

I am using an iPhone7 running IOS 13.4.1  and have also tried using an iPad running the same IOS

So I enter the app.

Select temperature device ( my swimming pool)

Select AUTO

It is set to 29. 

I want it to goto 24.

I change both values 


I see the save icon moving

Go back in it is still set to 29,

I have tried many times. I noticed as after several days my pool was still hot.

Does anyone else have this issue?

It was working fine until the new app came along - so this would seem to be the issue. 

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Anyone else ? No reply from Sonoff support. There seem multiple issues but no reply from sonoff. This new version is a real problem
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