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Switching Sonoff mini with outdoor motion detector

 I have existing motion sensors on the outside of my buildings and would like to have them as a trigger for my Sonoff devices. The sonoff mini seemed the best choice, but it uses 3.3v for the switching circuits and not the 110v that is being used. Does Sonoff have a product that would accept a 110v signal as a trigger? any outdoor motion sensors that run on 3.3v? I have gone so far as to consider having the existing motion sensors turn on a 110v to 3.3v charger to trigger the Sonoff mini but I wouldn't be completing a circuit with the S1 and S2 ports so I am not sure that the state changes would be interpreted correctly.  Any help would be greatly appreciated, I'm looking to keep this simple.

Hi Craig What about using a 110v relay. Wire the coil across your motion sensor output. Then use the contacts of the relay to connect to s1 and s2
I’ve done residential wiring but never used a relay in 110v applications. Can they output the 3v that the sonoff needs when the motion sensor goes off? Also, do S1 and S2 have to complete a circuit, or can I feed 3v to either one to ‘switch’ the sonoff? Thank you for your reply!
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