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Multiple dimmers - how to separate control?

Hi, I have 3x D1 Dimmers on the same DB circuit. I individually powered each D1 Dimmer up and joined that particular D1 Dimmer to a RM433 remote. I have 2x bedrooms that are now individually linked D1 Dimmer to their respective RM433 remote. However, the third RM433 remote / D1 Dimmer are linked but ALSO control one of the other D1 Dimmers!! Not the other way round. So we have:

RM433 Remote 1 -> Controls Dimmer Room A
RM433 Remote 2 -> Controls Dimmer Room B
RM433 Remote 3 -> Controls Dimmer Room C and A.

Furthermore I am running iPhone eWeLink App and cannot link the devices to Wifi, I am running a separate 2.4Ghz network and it is not working.

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Do you have any idea?

Any idea about what? What's going on with the Dimmers? No - that's why I am posting here. I have had no response from the Support on this matter for 3 days.

You can find some solutions for your problem here:

I also have the same scenario here.... actualy I have 2 D1 and 2 RM433, I wanna be able to control each D1 with a single RM433.

D1 Living room -> RM433 Living room

D1 Bedroom -> RM433 Bedroom  


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