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Scene between 4CH PRO and MINI (with a IFTTT trigger)

Hi everyone, I set a 4CH PRO to manage my irrigation system. It runs very well. Now I wish to suspend the programmation, when I receive a "rain time" notification by IFTTT/WU.

To receive the notification I set Sonoff MINI and it runs well.

Than I create a scene: when MINI is OFF (rain time) 4CH PRO is OFF.

But it seems to be a wrong chance: 

1. 4CH PRO is always OFF until the programming starts

2. when programming starts, the unit retains its state

3. the trigger works only at the instant of the IFTTT trigger

Any suggestion to solve this issue.

I would not like to make a physical modification to the system, interrupting a phase with the MINI.  It would not be an elegant solution.

Thankyou for your time, Claudio

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