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How to set up 4ch relay to for on 5 minutes consecutively twice a day?


I'm a bit confused here. I want to connect my 4-channel relays to control 4 solenoid valves connected to my garden sprinklers. 

I would like to set them up so that everyday...

Ch1 on at 9:00am, off at 9:03am

Ch2 on at 9:03am, off at 9:06am

Ch3 on at 9:06am, off at 9:09am

Ch4 on at 9:09am, off at 9:12am

then again in the afternoon...

Ch1 on at 16:00pm, off at 16:03pm

Ch2 on at 16:03pm, off at 16:06pm

Ch3 on at 16:06pm, off at 16:09pm

Ch4 on at 16:09pm, off at 16:12pm

I tried to do schedules in ewelink app but it limit me to only 8 schedules.

I need 16 schedules to "on" and "off" the valves twice a day.

I think this can be done via inching or interlocking but I can't figure out how. 

Any help is much appreciated.



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Hi, I can think of two ways to achieve that.

1) Set an inching duration of 4 to 5 minutes, then set all the timers to turn each channel on. They will turn off automatically when the inching duration ends. This way your entire watering schedule only takes 8 timers.

2) Use the scene functinoallity, now you have time trigged events. You can use 2 scenes to turn it on and off or just trun them on and let the inching take care to turn them off similar to item 1 explained above.


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