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Drive SONOFF mini external switch input with live AC voltage?

Is there any way to drive a SONOFF mini mechanical switch input (S1/S2) using a live wire (120V AC), coming from a wall switch? In case of a negative answer, is there a SONOFF product that allows this kind of setup?

I'll explain the use case for this...

The rental place i live in have no neutral wire available at any of the switches. But the switches don't drive a ceiling -mounted light, they drive a wall socket instead, one the light is supposed to be plugged into. This socket is dual, one plug live is fed by the light switch, another is wired to a permanently live wire. A very easy workaround for a missing neutral would be using a (SONOFF-mini-like) module that would reside behind the socket, fed by the permanent live wire, driving the light plug, and controlled by the other live wire, one that has been previously driving the light.

I've made an improvised "schematic" to try and make the use case clear:


Hope my explanation on the use case is clear enough.

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Multiple days... not a single answer... guess my answer to my own question is Shelly, which seems to support exactly the wiring i want, instead of Sonoff.

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