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Pairing SONOFF T433 86 Type Wall Panel wireless

Hello Please, could you tell me how to pairing the SONOFF T433 86 Type Wall Panel 433MHz Wireless RF with a Sonoff R2? I recently bought the first one but there is no instrucctions about how pairing it. Also, I appreciate if you can tell me the type of battery to use. I put both CR 2025 and it lights in red when I press it. Thank in advance Regards David

Hi David, if you refer Sonoff Basic R2, they do not have internal RF receiver as to be paired with the RF remote control. If you have a Sonoff RF, then you need to do a double click on the small black pairing button on the SOnoff RF and then do a long press on the remote button (in your case the touch surface of the Wall Panel control)

Hi Mario. It is not basic model, it is Sonoff POW R2 wireless. I have tried what you mentioned without success. The light on the switch is in blue color but there is not pairing and the POW R2 is in pairing mode (blinking). It is a bit frustrating. Any other advice to check at my side?
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