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Sonoff 4ch pro r2 with different voltages

Hello, I am installing 4ch pro r2 to control garden lights. I have 12V DC led projectors and 220v AC lamps. I have some doubts. 1.Can power the 4ch with 220v AC and than use it to control the 12v dc leds? 2. Can I use one channel for 12v dc and another one for 220v AC? Which power input should I use in this case? Thanks in advance.

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Yes you can, each channel in the 4CH PRO is an isolated relay. So you are OK to power the device with 220V AC or even 12VDC (there are separate inputs for AC vs DC), then you can use any tension on each individual channel.

 Thank you Mario. Same issue: 7 solenoid valves 24V + 1 lamp 240V.  Please find attached my project. Is it correct?

(1.38 MB)
Yes, looks right to me. Nice diagram.

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