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ewelink camera configuracion with scenes

having  a SONOFF GK-200MP2-B - Wi-Fi Wireless IP Security Camera, I would like to make an scene when camera is detecting movement. As far I know, it can send a message as well as sound alert after movement or sound detection.. But it not work with scenes. it would ge great in next version update, if you can work with camera scenes, where can be used to start/stop any dipositive. You can act with scenes with all, except after camera detection. Maybe is already solved

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Please add camera work with scene zoom control on camera selectable area for motion detection my chinese camera for 11usd have these options and work well 4 year outdoor...
Good Which camera brand and model fits? Works as well with ewelink?

Agree with your idea. Meanwhile perhaps you can use IFTTT as it already has a camera movement trigger applet. 

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