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Sonoff POW R2 - Not Turning Off, Staying On. Sticking Relay?

I am having difficulties with Sonoff POW R2 devices.

I have had two now and they both end up having an issue after a few months where about 50% of the time once turned on they do not turn off.  The leds turn off on the device but the relays stay engaged / on.

I am not using large power, only LCD TV and small lights so couple of amps max.

Is is a common problem with Sonoff POWs to have stuck relays?   Is there anything that can be done to resolve this?  At present I am able to unstick the relays by tapping the sonoff.

I have contacted support about the previous failed POW R2 but as it was not purchased directly they refused to help.  The latest one was purchased from banggood.

Extremely disappointed at this common flaw in these relays and lack of support.

I am torn whether to spend more on another Sonoff device only for it to fail in the same way or try a competitor e.g. Shelly.

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I have had the exact same problem.  First one that failed I managed to replace the relay in but then the same issue happened with a second POW R2.  Its obviously a common fault, as reported above.

Itead really need to do something about this as its a good device let down by low quality component.

I thought I was unfortunate to get a bad copy. I had the same exact issue where Sonoff is giving me a false positive that it's turned off, which in reality it isn't. My Sonoff Pow R2 is not even 2 years old! It's not cheap to replace every year, let alone the hassle to reinstall it, especially it's buried deep inside a cupboard. I hope Itead could do something about it.

Same here, I had to tap the relay to unstuck it. 

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