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iFan03 No Factory Reset & No Alexa Fan Control

So I got the iFan03 installed 5 days ago. When I setup my user account in the app it put the first thing I typed twice so it set the email as instead of The same thing happened to my wife multiple times when trying to setup her app. Anyways, I did not realize this and proceeded to add my iFan03 to it and linked it to Alexa as well.

Issue #1:

I realized the issue and created a new user account with the corrected email address. I went to reset the iFan03 to factory defaults according to the instruction manual that came with it and that did not work. I looked at every article I could find in this forum and online and every way to reset to factory defaults has failed. Because of this I can not add it to my new account.

Issues #2:

It is still connected to Alexa but the only thing I can control is turning the light on and off. It will not control the fan. I have looked at every article possible and everything recent from Sonoff says it can control the fan through Alexa. I have tried all suggested command and nothing works.

Issue #3:

I had created 2 tickets about this and finally got a response 3 weeks later and they keep asking me to send them a video of me trying to pair the iFan and I keep telling them that I can not even get it in to pairing mode because it will not factory reset. Do you all get this lack of support or is it just me?

Thank you all for any feedback on any of this that you can provide. I am completely stuck now and ready to throw in the white flag...


Seriously, why isn't the IFAN03 FULLY integrated with Google Home, Alexa, and/or IFTTT. Why is there only one voice command that turns the fan and the light on? There should be seven voice commands to turn on/off light, turn on/off light, and control fan speeds:

Turn on Light

Turn off Light

Turn on Fan

Turn off Fan

Turn Fan to Low speed

Turn Fan to Medium speed

Turn Fan to High speed

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