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SONOFF MINI is switching randomly after firmware actualization

I have a sonoff min instaled in two 3-way switches. After firmware actualization to 3.5.0, the device is switching by itself randomly. Is anybody having the same problem?

1 person has this problem

yes, i have same problem with Mini
@Customer Care center... any solution for this problem?

I have this problem too

Same here. Open ticket and no solution yet. Maybe if we all start a campaign against sonoff mini tô new users....
Have a mini fitted with 2x 2way switches that would randomly turn on then off. Have fitted a 104 capacitor across s1 s2 . Will update with if it fixed or not the problem. Thanks all that adviced fitting one.
All good so far . No unplanned triggers since fitting the 104 cap .

I'm having similar issues (usually non-switching of one of the switches in my case) and fitting a 104 hasn't seemed to resolve it unfortunately.

My one has also started to switch on and off at random with the 104 fitted.
I'm considering pulling out the soldering iron, as I've seen others solder the cap on the rear of the board. I had it in the terminals with the cable (which is UK spec 1.5mm dia) so I wonder if my issue was bad connection. Will report back with any findings.
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