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New RF functionality for all RF enabled devices

It would be good for additional use cases to be able on all the RF enabled devices to be able to have an alternate way to use the RF funcionality, in addition to toggle the status with one button, another way to use the RF that is to use one button to turn the chanel on and a different button to turn it off. In this mode, if the device is already on, and you turn it on again via RF, it will continue on.

This will allow for example, in a room with many RF devices and regardless of their status to have a button to turn it all devicess on or off at once from the remote control.

Other use case is to be able to use door sensors to turn light on when you open the door without the RF Bridge and a Scene, or to use the PIR detector directly attached to all the RF enabled devices for an automatic light (movement detector) or other cases.

If you like this functionallity, help this happen votinf this up.

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