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Please fix Sonoff RF to be able to use all 8 buttons on RM433 control

Sonoff RF works as expected with the 4 buttons keychain remote, where you can program any of the 4 buttons to turn on or off the Sonoff RF.

But if you try to do the same with the 8 buttons controls, it only records button 1 and ignores the other 7.

It would be nice to be able to control many Sonoff RF from an 8 buttons control.

If you agree, plese vote this.


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I use an 8 button rf with the D1, which uses 6 buttons + one to erase (long press) (which with short press activates a basic rf) + 1 to join wifi (long press) (which in short press activates another rf basic). I have not done any other tests.
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