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Sonoff Low Voltage Relay with Wall Switch Control

Hi - hope the experts here can help me!

I have two wiring runs to two groups of outdoor low voltage lights.

These wiring runs terminate in a transformer in my basement.

  1. What I would like to do is connect each wiring run to a relay before it gets to the transformer.
  2. In a different room I would like a wall switch to turn on/off those relays.
  3. I would like it to work without access to the internet and be able to interface with my home control system (homeseer).
Sonoff has relay modules and it has wall switches...can these play together to perform the scenario listed above?


Hi Skavan, yo can achieve that using the 4CHPRO as the switching device in the basement and then use the RM433 8 keys remote controls used as wall switches.

That will allow to control every circuit independently and still work without network because the communication is done over RF.

Regards, Mario.

That's great. In fact I already bought the 4CHPRO and RM433!

So - the question is, do I have to flash a third party firmware to be able to control (with 2 way status) the 4CHPRO over IP? Or is there an internal REST interface that will let me do it?


It depends on what you need to achieve. If you just need two way control using for example the remote controls, you can do it from inside the mobile app, setting up a scene where ecah time a certain channel tunrs on or off in one device, gets replicated in the other. If you do this on each side, you end having two way control.

Independently of this, if you want to control the devices from a REST interface, just leave the provided firmware and give a try to service, where it can expose any Sonoff device as a REST API to consult or set the device status. It also provides web hooks so that you can triger something in you custom applications whenever a Sonoff Devices signals you a status change.

If you do this, you would be able to control your lights, from the ewelink app, via voice commands on google home or Amazon Alexa, from the remote controls and from REST API and not need to be messing around with custom firmware.

Good Luck !

I want to control the device from my on premise automation software -- homeseer.

I do not want any cloud based control (including IFTTT).

Is there a rest api with oath that I can access - without installing a custom firmware?


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