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Can I return to original itead firmware after flashed with tasmota?

I flashed two sonoff mini with Tasmota firmware and I need to know if I can back to Itead firmware again and how to do it.

When I flashed with Tasmota minimal through tool_01DIY85(3.3.0), an itead.bin file appears in the same folder of the tool. Since I put the Tasmota minimal, I was not able to connect to it, so I had to use a FTDI board. I did that and flashed with Tasmota 8.2.0. Is this Itead.bin the original flash so I can flash it back?

The second one I put the sonoff mini in AP mode and connected to the wifi it created. Then I entered the IP and put the name and password of my network. After that I opened the tool_01DIY85(3.3.0) on the computer and flashed the tasmota lite. Then I connected to the IP I had reserved to this device and upgraded to the full tasmota. In this case, another Itead.bin did not appear in the program folder.

I want to know how can I back both of these two sonoff mini to Itead original firmware so I can use Ewelink again.


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