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Hey guys and girls

I am playing with the RE5V1C 5V Wifi Inching/Selflock Relay Module I want to use it to open and close a garage door, so I need two inputs to be able to know if thew door is fully open and fully closed.

I managed to load Tasmota onto it very easily, but I cannot get any info on the pads

ETX, ERX, TX, RX and IO2. How are they connected to the ESP8266? Does anybody have the schematic or more info?

Thank you


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Hi Marty, I have exactly the same question. Did you ever find an answer to this? Thanks, Geoff

Hey Geoff. I got a response from Itead saying I can't have it. 

I threw the RE5V1C devices in the trash and bought a whole bunch of HW-622 relays. Full documentation available on the Internet net, onboard power supply and screw terminals. It is also supported by Tasmota and ESPHome. The price difference was $3 for me, so it wasn't worth struggling with Itead.

Thanks for your reply, Marty. I may well take your advice on that! 



Hey Geoff. No probs. It was easy to modify the terminals for the opto input to take two inputs. That makes it perfect for a garage door opener (with two limit switches).

It sucks that nobody has thought of making generic ESP boards with decent power supplies and terminals.

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