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DIY iFAN03 Issues

So I got the iFan03 installed 5 days ago. When I setup my user account in the app it put the first thing I typed twice so it set the email as instead of The same thing happened to my wife multiple times when trying to setup her app. Anyways, I did not realize this and proceeded to add my iFan03 to it and linked it to Alexa as well.

Issue #1:

I realized the issue and created a new user account with the corrected email address. I went to reset the iFan03 to factory defaults according to the instruction manual that came with it and that did not work. I looked at every article I could find in this forum and online and every way to reset to factory defaults has failed. Because of this I can not add it to my new account.

Issues #2:

It is still connected to Alexa but the only thing I can control is turning the light on and off. It will not control the fan. I have looked at every article possible and everything recent from Sonoff says it can control the fan through Alexa. I have tried all suggested command and nothing works.

Issue #3:

I have contacted Sonoff support 2 times now with no response at all. And since they are based in China I cannot call their support line. Do you all get any responses from them?

Thank you all for any feedback on any of this that you can provide. I am completely stuck now and ready to throw in the white flag...



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