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Sonoff Mini - Support for Bell Switch

Is there any method of using the Mini with a set of bell switches so that every time S1 and S2 are momentarily closed, it will toggle the state of the relay? I would imagine the firmware needs to be updated with code that considers the closing of S1 and S2 for less than 1 second to trigger a toggle...  unless there is already another method that I have missed?

Hi Luke, that is exactly what it would do if you make s1 + s2 contact for a very short time. If the pulse is a second or less it will togle the relay. IF the contact is longer, every time s1+s2 change it status, the relay will do a transition. This approach allows to implement two way controls and still be able to control the mini from within the app as expected.

understanding bell switch = momentary switch ....

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