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Accessing Temperature Sensor - Not Via Eweelink

I have several temp sensors that manage my pool.

I have tried to access they sensors using ITTT but I cant find any routines that show it.

Neither can I manipulate the AUTO temperature settings.

What I am trying to so is link the set temperature to the weather. So if it is cold let it drift down, and if it is warm so we want to swim turn up the temp.

It would also be nice to display pool temp in other places as opposed to having to enter the eweelink app

Other than Tasmota ( I have 60 devices in my house and Eweelink works for almost everything so I dont really fancy trashing the lot ) any ideas? 

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Hi Jeremy, 

I think I can help you out with that, I can access the ewelink backend  programatically  and control Sonoff devices  as it if were the ewelink app. This way you can configure the devices or pull out the status of them. You won`t need to change the firmware. If you are interested, please contact me at , we do all sort of IOT integrations  


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