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"Scene control" with 4ch Pro and 3 gang battery switch

Hi All

I'm new here, so I apologise if this is not in the right place. 

I am exploring whether the Sonoff system will be suitable for my application, and would kindly appreciate any advice you guys have....

I would like to set up my garden lighting in such a manner that I have three separate outputs or "scenes"

I would like to control each output from a physical switch inside my house, but also schedule events to run nightly. 

In brief, my outputs would operate like this;

Different groups of lights in the garden would belong to 1, 2 ,or all three "Scenes"

Channel 1 - would be low level lighting, run from a schedule on the eWeLink for when no one is in the garden, something like dusk til 10pm etc.

Channel 2 - would operate lights when the garden is being utilised, and would like this to be triggered by an inside switch.

Channel 3 - would operate all lights, including the security floodlight. This would also only be triggered by an inside switch (eventually it would be nice if it could be triggered by an output from my intruder alarm - but thats further down the line), but mainly this mode is for security alerts or if task lighting. 

Lights that are wired to group 1 would operate by themselves when group one is on, but also come on when group two is on. 

Lights that are wired in group 2, would only be on when group 2 and 3 are activated

The security lights would only be on when group 3 is on. 

I understand that isn't very clear, but in order to achieve this, I would need channel 1 to be able to respond to RF commands from button 1, button 2 and button 3.

Channel 2, would only respond to commands from button 2 and 3

and channel 3 would only respond to commands from button 3.

A single button to turn all of them off at the same time would be nice. 

I understand that the 4CH pro can only learn one command per channel in RF, so....

My question (if you're still reading I appreciate it) is; If i install an RF bridge, could I link the RF switch to the bridge, and not to each of the channels, such as that;

When I press RF button 1 on the three gang switch  it is interpreted by the RF bridge, and then outputs the command over Wifi to the 4channel pro that says "operate channel 1 on"

Then when I press RF button 2, it is interpreted by the RF bridge, to instruct channels 1 and 2 on the pro, via Wifi, to turn on. 

The reason for the RF switch is that there will be no wiring between the lighting and the location of this switch.

Thanks in advance for your help. 

Sorry, I can't seem to edit a post, but 

"Lights that are wired in group 2, would only be on when group 2 and 3 are activated"

should read ;

"Lights that are wired in group 2, would only be on when group 1 and 2 are activated"

Not sure if the attached image makes it clearer or not?


(120 KB)

Sorry, the above "Channel 2, would only respond to commands from button 2 and 3"

should have read "Channel 2, would only respond to commands from button 1 and 2"

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