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Google home disconnected from EWeLink today

I have 87 Sonoff devices, which were working well with Sonoff for over a year. All of a sudden today, they stopped working. Google says it cannot connect. I rebooted everything, router, modem etc. When trying to refresh EWe link in Google home, it says it cannot connect... I tried via 4G as well. No change. It works via eWeLink app... I see you have changed the app recently. It looks good, but did you break the Google link in the process? Please help...

I have the same problem!!!!
I had to disassociate eWeLink for m Google Home and re associate. Had to create all the groups and routines and all. Imagine the work with 87 switches! ITEAD support slow AND useless... It's fairly obvious that in the process of migrating to their new app(quite nice actually), they messed up something, but are too proud to acknowledge it...

Jean I try but doesnt work your procediment.

Hi Lucas, First disconnect Google from EweLink, from within the Google app. Then look for eWeLink, again within Google. There are two different links: - Smart We Link (blue logo with an e in it) this one worked for me Blue worked for me, maybe the other will work for you - eWeLink Smart Home (white logo with Orange)
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