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control non-rf switches with RF remote

Hi there, can you give me some advise?

Is it possible to use RF-remote to control non-RF switches in the same network?

I have 5x POW R2 switch, and 1x TH16 switch, all without RF function.
I have 1x RM433 sonoff remote with 8 buttons.

Is it possible with the Bridge to program each RF button on the remote  to toggle on/off  switches in the same network (without RF on board?)

Like add scenes as:

RF button 1 > toggle POWR2-1

RF button 2 > toggle POWR2-2

RF button 3 > toggle POWR2-3 etc

If possible, for controlling 6 switches, do I need 1 or 2 bridges, because of limitation of max 4 buttons? (or 16 ?)

All documention i found whas not very clear (to me) about this options...

Hi, The only way I can think of doing it is to store each button as an alarm, then setup a scene. If button 1 is pressed, then turn on living room heater, if button 2 pressed, then switch of living room heater. Other than that, I don't know a better way

Just received my bridge. And  yes you are right, setting alarms does the trick. Thanx for the tip, it helped me.

Too bad there is no toggle function, or conditional scene options available.

if press button > if on  then status off /  iff off then status on)

Current firmware of the bridge  is  2.7.0, but updating to 3.4.0 fails every time (other devices where no problem)

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