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single phase - multiple room underfloor


i am trying to determine how i can do the following with sonoff or any other solution if sonoff is not capable.

i have underfloor heating in a house with 5 bedrooms. single phase power is not enough to heat all the rooms at the same time.

scenario 1 - time based.

i am thinking of implementing sonoff 4 ch pro smart switch to control the thermostat in each room, running it on a time based ruleset. so 2 rooms at a time for 15 minutes. but this would mean i cant temperature control the rooms. as this would just activate the underfloor heating for 15 minutes and then switch off. 

scenario 2 - sonoff th16

if i add a tempreature senor on the sonoff  and allow it to shut off when it reaches a specific tempreature, how can i tell the next room to then go on ?

i am open to any ideas on the subject.

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