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Sonoff 4CH Pro R2 power consumption

Hello, I've tried to supply the 4CH R2 with a 9V battery. It all works, it connect's and open the correct rele. But only for a few hours!

It's possible that it drains a lot of current? Someone know how much is the current consumption in hidle state?

I want to use it to open a  solenoid valve in my garden (one battery for sonoff and one for the solenoid)

I've done something wrong? It's better to use another voltage to supply it?

Many thanks


with the older model I saw it needs quite some power with 12V supply. It uses a normal linear regulator to produce the required 5V.

So you will not be happy with Batteries.

With 230V it needs less than 1W (my recall says 0.6W).


Many thanks,

I was thinking that the 5-24V input was for batteries... I will think about something. 

It's not a easy place to supply it with 230V in my garden... 

I will see if I find a photovoltaic recharger for a battery or another tipe of switch.


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