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RF Bridge problem after firmware update ver. 3.4.0

RF Bridge after firmware update ver. 3.4.0, goes offline at the ewelink application level, but is correctly connected to the local network and pingable.Anyone having the same problem?

5 people have this problem

After upgrading to 3.4, the device regularly loses connection with the server and restores only after a power-up reboot, or after a long time.
Yes, I have exactly the same problem.
Angelo, is there a solution to the problem? support is clearly not responding. bridge practically does not work. All this is very bad!
I currently have no solution.I hope someone from tech support takes care of the problem.
Yes, you probably have to wait for the next update (3.5) ... I hope the support will quickly find a solution! Good luck

Exactly the same issue here.

Write in support: preferably in English. The more calls, the faster they will fix it.

also same issue on 3 RF bridge devices. It drives me crazy ! Is there a way to downgrade firmware ?

Unfortunately, I have not seen cases of lowering the firmware myself. Only in + through the app.
Write in support: The more appeals there are, the faster they will be fixed...
I can pair but i can't learn any device.
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