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Problem with ewelink app "timeout please wait"

Problem with ewelink app "timeout please wait" every time when launch aplication on android.

2 people have this problem

I have this problem on my smartphone (Huawei P10 lite) since I loaded the new version 4.0.3.

It happens also when I switch On/Off a device!!

I never have seen before, using the old version.

The strange thing is that I share my devices with my family, and only my phone has this problem!

I tried to reinstall the App, with no result!!

After some changing between WiFi and 4G I succeed in operating the device, but it is really a strange behaviour!

Is it possible to return to the old version?

I have the same problem tried two different phones, I also have it on my two different accounts It's driving me mad! Can I go back to the old version?
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