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Inching and time Schedule together ?

Hello, Is there any possibility how to make a sonoff basic inching and schedule time together ? I need, to switch the light id time form 8 to 10 PM and then I need to switch on for about 3 minutes thrue the alarm with PIR2 senzor.

Is any possibility how to make it ? I dont know any idea how to.

Thank sou much

The way I have done this is to buy a sonoff usb adapter and add this to the power plug for the Sonoff RF bridge. 

In your example I turn the USB adapter on at 8pm and the RF bridge in powered . The RF bridge will now pick up the PIR alterts and then trigger your sonoff basic. I would use the inching to set the time you want the lightr on for.

Then at 10pm you set the USB adapter to turn off again and the RF bridge powers off and no new alterts will be recieved so the light will stay off.

I am trying to see if there is a way of doing a scene with effectiver periods but so far its not worked but the approach above has worked for me?

Matt, thank you for asnwer, but i dont have any idea how to make it thrue this USB adapter ? Can you pleas give me more information about your idea ? Thank you so much
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